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The Business Christian School operates in the context of a Christian vision to educate and train future ministers and other leaders at the undergraduate, MBA, master's and doctoral levels.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We seek to promote the desire for knowledge, develop cultural awareness, nurture the ability to acquire, assimilate and use information and promote personal and social maturation. For spiritual growth, we provide the resources to obtain biblical and religious knowledge in theology degrees, as well as the practical application taught inside and outside the classroom, through the fundamental Christian disciplines for professional practice.

The faculty and staff of the institution are dedicated Christians and highly qualified professionals who genuinely care for and encourage students to reach their professional potential. In terms of professional growth, the student can become accredited and learn to master a body of specialized knowledge for teaching and professional practice, in addition to becoming an ethical professional and focused on social well-being.

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Institutional Values

The Institution manages the training of its teachers and students based on the following pillars:


Respect, solidarity and cooperation


Dignity, loyalty, citizenship

grupo de estudos


To institute an online environment for the dissemination of knowledge, based on ethics and inspired by Christian values, aiming at a humanized academic formation, aiming at a fair and solidary society.

Estudante de faculdade


To be a reference in education, through academic and professional excellence, in the practice of Christian values aiming at a fair and egalitarian society.